Head Girl Messages

Head girl messages

Suzanne Conneely (HG 2016-2017)

Welcome Message

This year is a special year in Scoil Mhuire, primarily because of the fact that you have now got the most important assembly front row in history. As you know Scoil Mhuire’s ranking for next year lies in our hands – we have the ability to promote, from the all too well known, 34th place to much higher up the ranks.

I would like to give a warm welcome to all of the new first years.  It won’t be long before you are sitting in the front row because, trust me, time flies when you’re having fun, as was illustrated with the crazy dancing in the central area during the European Week of Sport.

As every motivational page on Instagram would say, ‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’, and it is easy to make the days count in Scoil Mhuire. Each day presents itself with a new opportunity for each of us to shine.

Scoil Mhuire has it all – no matter what your aims and aspirations are, we have it here. Mrs Donnellan, our principal, the teachers, each and everyone of them of the highest calibre. Along with the emphasis on ‘individual silent study’, really, to succeed all you need to do is to follow the structure already in place.

Of course, I cant forget to mention the leaving cert queue at the canteen. Which has already been implicated by the use of masking tape as early as the first week!

To conclude this welcome address, unfortunately I can’t play Wuthering Heights here and now, but music will be played in the central area throughout the year to keep the positive vibes alive and flourishing.
I hope you all have a fantastic year and enjoy every moment of it.

Also, a big shoutout to Mr Quinn on being blackmailed into giving me the role as head girl. I hope I do you proud 😉


Emma Greene (HG 2015-2016)

Welcome Message

FullSizeRenderHello all! Before I begin I would first like to apologise to all of you who got landed with me as your head girl, what with my disastrous speech writing skills and all. The one thing that kept me going last night when I was writing this speech was the knowledge that if Kanye West can run for president in 2020 then I’m pretty sure I can be a half decent head girl. So here’s my attempt at a speech, apologises again!

I would first like to begin by welcoming all of you back for what we can only hope will be an excellent year, filled with hard work, laughter and most of all success. To the 40 odd scared looking faces making up our back row this morning, welcome. First year is a new and daunting experience, that believe me, we all know only too well. It’s not so long ago I was in your position, in a new school with new teachers and new friends. Don’t be afraid! Get involved in whatever you’re interested in and I’ve no doubt Scoil Mhuire will be able to cater for all of your interests and talents. Whether you’re a footballer, a hurler, a singer, an academic, there’s something there for all of you. Work hard, keep smiling and enjoy your selves. Your journey here is only beginning and if it’s anything like our past 5 years have been, it’ll be amazing.

To our wonderful and dedicated staff, fáilte roimh. When I first started in Scoil Mhuire I saw the teachers as these scary, almost robotic creations but as the years have gone by I’ve begun to realise and accept, that you know what, they’re really not that bad. In fact it’s these people who more than ever want us to do well. Eventually the teachers will become your friends and will work as hard as they possibly can to ensure the best for each and every one of us, so, we thank you.

Not forgetting our middle rows, who are just as important as the rest, bienvenue! For those of you who have no idea what I just said that was a google translate job!

Finally, to the most fabulous front row I’ve ever seen, welcome! We’ve come a long way girls, from the days of our skirts being closer to our ankles than our knees, to the first year trend of the humble hair band, some even took to designing their own, to our 2k13 bebo stunnah years, and we’re finally here, a fine group of amazing, hard-working, caring girls. We’re not as scary as we look, honestly. Please don’t ever be afraid to approach anyone of us, we won’t bite, I promise, especially now that we can glide through the chaos that is the school canteen queue what with our own personal Leaving Cert queue. Word of advice my friends, steer clear of our queue!

I hope that this year will be one of our best yet. ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a live by what we give’, so be kind always, laugh a lot, smile until your cheeks hurt and shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Thank you!

Kate Healy (HG 2013 – 2014)

Welcome Message

I’d like to begin by extending the warmest of welcomes to each and every one of you. A special word of welcome to the first years and to anyone else who has just joined us. I promise that you will all feel right at home in no time!

As we begin a new academic year in Scoil Mhuire I would like to ask everyone to make an extra effort to make our school a friendly environment. Be it sharing a smile in the corridor (now that we have so much more walking to do), or doing a small good deed for somebody, everything makes a difference and if we all try hard we’ll be LOL’n in no time!

As head girl, I act as a leader not only for my class but for the whole school, this means that should you ever need anything from me, don’t be afraid to ask… I’m only too happy to chat!

Having welcomed almost everybody else I think it would be wise to give a mention to my own classmates: the 6thyears  of 2013/2014 who make up the best-looking front row I’ve ever seen! We’ve come back to Scoil Mhuire for one final year and if it’s anything like the last five, it is one to look forward to JDespite the rumours everyone and SOME of our notorious reputations, we are NOT as scary as you think! I can assure you that, with our feet now firmly planted on the mainland and Ms.Flynn’s words of wisdom drummed into us from day 1, we are now a bunch of very sensible role models! We will NOT forcefully remove you from the Leaving Cert queue (although keeping to one side is advised!) and students found on the Leaving Cert ramp at lunchtime will NOT face the consequences!!  We are all more than happy to be sharing our final year with such a wonderful school community J

Seeing as my own words of inspiration weren’t exactly very inspiration, those of Kid President will have to do. As KP would say “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance….This is YOUR time, This is MY time, This is OUR time!!” So let’s all make like One Direction and have the BEST YEAR EVER. Give Scoil Mhuire a reason to dance J

Kate xx

Mairead Healy (HG 2012 – 2013)IMAGE_EF900075-C01E-47D0-9C46-D4978CC2C494

Welcome Message

Another school year has come, and I would like to begin by extending the warmest of welcomes to all the students and Staff of Scoil Mhuire 2012/2013!
I would also like bid our goodbyes to the Leaving Cert Class of 2012 and the one and only Miss O’Loughlin.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Scoil Mhuire and now in my final year, this is my chance to give something back. As head girl I aim to represent the School community to the best of my ability with honesty and enthusiasm. To give each student a voice and the confidence that their voice will be heard by our school. As your head girl I will do my very best to help you in any way that I can. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or look for advice or guidance no matter what it may be, no matter how big or small. A problem shared it a problem halved – Mother Abbess is here!

As we embark on this new academic year together, I hope that it will be filled with happiness, success and lots of good-natured banter. That it will provide us with many new opportunities and experiences and we will grow as a school community. A special Welcome to our first years, secondary school can be a new and daunting experience. Six years ago I was sitting where you are today, and yes I was nervous. Will I able for this work? My advice to my first year self is that, this is the beginning of something special. You will find the most wonderful friends who will share this journey with you, through your school years. Get involved! Join a sports team, join the school choir. Whatever your thing is, it will help you make you new friends, and help give you a sense of belonging.

To the outstanding class of Leaving Cert 2013. It seems as though Secondary School would last forever and yet here we are, front row of the Assembly. Our time here has flown we’ve laughed so hard we could barely breath, shared many unforgettable memories.”It’s a long long way to Tipperary”, the JC bant, Trip of da life time, Singing in the streets of Paris “Oooh Champs-Élysées”. We have left our mark in the central area from our monumental balloon Arches to our pyjamas clad night of TY and let’s not forget our own wall dedicated to our greatness.

Over the passed six years our friendships have grown, I mean “nílimid na Waltons” – but we’re pretty tight. And now for the final hurdle,as Miss O’ Flaherty would say “Success is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.” let’s make this year our best yet.No matter who you are or where you want to go, Scoil Mhuire has a place for you. Shape your own future and walk your own path. Sr.Dolores often said “We all walk through the school doors each morning with the ambition to do well”. We all want to succeed and be the best person we can possibly be, make a difference. But how can we do this? Set goals and targets for the coming year. Give of your best and you will be rewarded. If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you dream it, you can become it and IT- starts here in Scoil Mhuire. We must lend a helping hand, be respectful to our school community, be there for each other and most importantly be a friend. We all have one thing in common that makes us a family we all have Scoil Mhuire roots.

No doubt this school year will be as exciting and eventful as ever. On behalf the students Council I wish everyone the best for this school year ahead and leave you with this. ”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Meade

Máiréad 🙂 xxx

Lisa Carkill (HG 2011 – 2012)

Welcome Message

Can I just start by reassuring all those first years towering over me that yes despite the whole height issue and the general look that you’d swear it was my first day in school, I can safely say that I am in leaving cert J I’ve had the pleasure over the last six years of being lead by some wonderful and inspiring head girls form the happy days to the head bear and I can only wish to be half as good and apologises to ye guys that got stuck with me.

I would like to begin my role as head girl by extending the warmest of welcomes to the old and the new of Scoil Mhuire teachers, students and bathrooms alike J I would especially like to welcome all the new students that join the team that is Scoil Mhuire, a team of techno wizards that is. What with them taking over the internet, school website, facebook whats next?? So to keep up to date with the who’s who and what’s what of Scoil Mhuire stayed tuned to www.scoil-mhuire.ie. You can rest assured that you won’t be without the latest gossip on the Monday morning with constant updates on sporting and music events, bakesales, school tours, fundraisers and much much more! I must say not much goes unnoticed by our enthusiastic reporters and photographers, to whom we extend our greatest appreciation to and of course to Ms Cullen THEE Techno Wizard herself J

Where we say our hellos we must also bid our goodbyes to those that have moved on, the leaving cert class of 10/11 and our dearest teachers that have given the greatest gift one can give, a lifetime of knowledge and passion to learn….from our dear friend Geibheann to our heated discussions on the X -fact-taw J

This year like every other year will be filled with hard work…many the furrowed brow as we try and figure out what exactly dy dx is…singing and dancing to the sound of music…cheering on the sports teams…lost locker keys…cold and rainy treks to the monastery… projects……deadlines….outstanding achievements…..hope and despair…success and failures… laughter and tears. It will be hard at times but the benefits reaped at the end will be more than worth the journey.

As your head girl I will try my very best to help you in any way that I can along this journey. Sometimes when you have to face something by yourself it looks like Mount Everest yet somehow, all of a sudden when you’ve got someone by your side you suddenly feel in the wise WISE words of Ms O Loughlin ‘I can and I will’. No matter how big or small a problem might seem it’s nothing that can’t be conquered…I’ve failed a test….I’ve shed many the tear…I’ve had MANY the embarrassing moment…I’ve fought with my friends…I’ve forgotten to do my homework. But I’ve always tried my best and that is all anyone can ask you to do. So never hesitate to come and talk to me even if it’s just to say hello or just simply stare at me in awe of my absolute greatness…I really don’t mind!!

And to all the five foot nothing people out there….stand tall, head high, shoulders back and reach for the stars !!

And as our one and only Kilshanny resident would say…..Always remember the GAP is the way forward and we’re here for a good time not a long time J

Best wishes always,

Your HG,

Lisa J xx

Farewell Message

This freedom train has been a long time a comin’ but finally the end is in sight. However with this thing they like to call the big LC fast approaching and a mere couple of weeks left in school all sixth years are facing the sad reality that yes we do have to leave and make our own way in the world and that these good times must soon come to an end. I can honestly say, despite the cheesey-ness of it all these last six years have most certainly been the best years of my life.

It’s only at the end when you get take a moment to look back on school life, that you truly realise how lucky we all are to have such a wonderful school and amazingly dedicated and talented teachers. From teacher to the cleaners, to Rosie and Mary and anyone who contributes to school life we applaud ye and thank ye for your patience. Even this website it’s something that all schools are not privileged enough to have. Every news item reported, every sports event documented and every photo uploaded is a credit to those that run it. So hats off to ms Cullen and her team of little wizard like computer geniuses!!

From first to sixth really becomes a blur, most things stay the same just slowly finding yourself gradually moving up the lines in assembly. Taking note of small changes along the way of course: the FACT that you begin to see a new student every single day, the growing teacher/student relationship, the revolution that was the arrival of chicken curry in the shop, the farewells we bid to some top class teachers and the warm welcomes we had for others, the movement from eating lunch on the floor to the classroom, the gradual increase in respect as you move up the ladder, the old friends you say goodbye to and the new ones you say hello to.

It’s been a rollercoaster from small little ladies running around in first year not knowing room five from room six to tall (some not so tall awaiting that promising growth spurt) distinguished elegant ladies in sixth year. We have no doubt had the bants, lols and giggles and they shall be dearly missed. It has been my sincere pleasure to represent such a beautiful group of girls who have provided me with memories to last a lifetime, laughter that has brought me to tears, moments of joy and sorrow, encouragement to learn from my mistakes and make better, inspiration to follow my dreams, honesty when I needed it most and most importantly the sweetest gift of all: friendship. Good moments in life become moments of greatness when shared with others. If you learn anything, learn to smile, to help when you can, to lend your shoulder and a kind ear when a friends in need, to always look at it from their point of view, to grasp every opportunity, that it’s ok to make mistakes and always know, no matter what it is in life, as long as you try your best nothing is impossible.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff of Scoil Mhuire and to the Leaving Cert Class 2011/2012.

Lisa Carkill, Head Girl 11/12

Katie Guthrie (2010-2011)Katie, Head girl for 2010

Welcome Message

Hello everybody and can I just begin my reign as Head Girl by saying a huge welcome to you all the the wonderful website of Scoil Mhuire 🙂

My role begins, not only with a new badge, but it also gives me a fantastic opportunity to represent you all in the best way I possibly can and to be “down with the kids” as well as the teachers during the year. And what better way to get the lowdown on all things Scoil Mhuire than this website?! Move over Facebook I say, because this website not only is superb in updating us about out school environment but also in helping us achieve out best within the school. You can’t go wrong there 🙂

“I’ve got a feeling”, – in the wise words of the Black Eyed Peas that this year will be a great one. I will do everything in my power to help you all along the path of self discovery and success in Scoil Mhuire. Have trust in me, talk to me whenever you want because it is always nice to have more friends, and friends that I can help if in trouble. A problem shared is a problem halved, and sharing is caring as Barney the purple dinosaur always says, And he is never wrong 🙂 I have no worries for any of my fellow students, who truly shine as I look around the central area. Who needs the sun, when I can remain safe in the knowledge that your own personal lights will never burn out.

Now I’m getting a bit emotional, and therefore I must depart! I have no doubt that this school year – as well as being the final log of the journey Scoil Mhuire has carried me and my superb classmates along – will be new and as exciting as ever, provided we all do our best because then we can never fail. I said it before and I’ll say it again; take it easy, but not too easy, try your best and you will succeed, Enjoy the journey and let the good times roll 🙂 People may come and go, but I am always here for you 🙂

xxx Katie

Head girl Christmas message

Season’s greetings to all yes indeed, it is that wonderful time of year again – The time of year where we can wear tinsel and the colour red and still be accepted by society. In the wise words of all the greatest festive songs, IT’S CHRISTMAS

It’s a bit crazy to think that we’re almost halfway through the school year. I suppose time flies when you’re having fun… or just being cold – very cold. We are so numb with these arctic conditions that we think we are in the North Pole. We don’t realise where the time has gone to until it’s the day before the Christmas tests and we can’t blame Santa Clause for having nothing done – the office might accept it though. I will live in hope until then. But this will not happen, as we are all intelligent, responsible
human beings.

This is evident when I take time out of my busy schedule to acknowledge all of the xcellent things you have brought to the school so far this year. Be it academically or musically, in terms of sport, art, or drama, you all have such great gifts that encourage the outstanding standard of talent in Scoil Mhuire. But the thing that really strikes me is how happy people can and how the glee (not the TV show) can spread despite these terribly grim economic times.

It is all too easy to get bogged down by the harshness of life sometimes – the recession being just one really awful example. So now that we have no money, we must look to the things that money cannot buy – that’s to say – our hope, our pride, and those valuable things the banks cannot repossess. Curse your Honda Civic, I’ve a Reindeer outside

Christmas is such a time where we should appreciate the things we do have as opposed to things we don’t. Annoying as they may be, our families and friends will always be there for us. So don’t despair about life’s woes, because, like Hamlet said, ‘There are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamt
of in your philosophy’. Basically, things could easily be worse. I think that’s what that means; otherwise this Christmas test thing isn’t looking so good.

So take the time to enjoy the festive season, rejoice and be glad for what you do have, and make sure that you are not on Santa’s Naughty list. Always remember: it’s nice to be nice. All work, and no play makes Ebeneezer Scrooge a dull boy. Spread the magic and joy of Christmas. And hey, you might even
get a bag of coal out of it


Have a good one

Yours sincerely,

Head Bear


Seachtain na Gaeilge message

...Dia dhíbh, agus fáilte romhaimh, go huile is go hiomlán, chuig líonláithreán Scoil Mhuire J

(i.e. ‘Wellllllll….’) J

Ah, if only I knew what that meant… Ah no, I jest, I jest. I got a little help from the old dictionary you see so it should be fine. Anyhow, apart from Mock Oral preparations (because I will definitely pass them) I, in the wise words of that song, ‘just came to say hello’. So HELLO fellow students and I hope you are all very well J

This week is Seachtain Na Gaeilge, where we celebrate our Irish culture and heritage. It is also a time where we get a four-day weekend, so ‘go raibh mile maith agat’, St.Patrick J. This week, we will embrace the true value of being Irish and of what we have achieved over the past 2011 years – apart from the Recession. We will not raise our pint glass (of milk, of course) to our current economic state.

Being Irish means more than just having the ‘craic’, though this is also very welcome at times when we simply have to ignore what is happening in the government and many other bad and scary things. We must remember that we are all united in, and crucial to, our country. Oh no, now I sound a bit like a politician – it’s a slippery slope from here.

On a brighter note, let this week not only be about Ireland. This week we have International Day, a very important celebration across the world, and the central area. Let us extend our appreciation for the many great nationalities and cultures that shape our beautiful island and our delightful school. Fáilte romhaimh England, Romania, Slovakia, America, France, Holland, Bangladesh, Germany, Poland, Russia, Japan and to all the many other countries our fellow students hail from. Because, when in Ireland – and in Scoil Mhuire, we are all one big happy family J

We are a nation that has produced the cream of the potato crop in all aspects of life. Be it  the cultural TG4 and Radió na Gaeltachta, sports stars, actors, designers, artists,  Guinness, chefs, writers, musicians, singers, academics, T.V. personalities, Taytos, film makers, or Colin Farrell, we’re more than just ‘grand’, we’re bloody ‘brillent’ J

Each of us here today has potential to join these people who make us proud to be Irish. The sheer talent I see around me everyday makes me very proud to be part of both the school, and of the Irish community and I think ‘Cothram na Féinne’ (fair play) is in order for all of you, for your dedication to everything you strive for J

So let us rejoice and be Irish, make an effort to say the ‘cúpla focail’ – even if it is ‘Ciúnas, bóthar, cailín, bainne’ – because not everything has to make sense in this world. Like the government, except a bit more fun. In only the wisest words of Miss. O’Flaherty – any interpretation is an interpretation.

So go ahead and interpret. Here’s to you my fellow student, to St.Patrick, and of course, to Arthur! J

Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh!

Slán go fóill,


Cáit Ní Lathaigh (my Gaelic alter-ego, like Sacha Fierce, except fiercer) J xx

Farewell Message

A few final words from the Head Bear… J

And now, the time is near, and so we face the final curtain – the one that never really works down in the prefabs. I have reached the bottom of the School Avenue (not inside the railing, because I’m a rebel) for the very final time. OMG this is, like, totes too weird. Ok so I’m going to try to focus less on being down with you kids and pretend to be a mature young adult. Taking time out of the hectic, buzzing and really quite exciting study schedule, I now reminisce on the times that have proved that school days really are the best days of your life. Because they’ve certainly been the best of mine J

So here’s how it goes. The story of the Leaving Cert Class of 2011…

First Year: Our days as ‘The First Years’, where we were metaphorically shoved into bins and lockers and all that American stuff you see on Telly. Coming from our natural habitats – and fields, in the case of Moy -we all had butterflies in our stomachs as we mounted the avenue. Well I had just eaten a whole box of Coco Pops, and it was a miracle I struggled up the hill, with the help of excitement, anticipation and very strong friends to heave me up. We said Hello to Dolly, and to life in Scoil Mhuire. We were the era of Coke (the soft drink), neck braces, Frisps and Yum Yums, and were frightened of our elders and most of our classmates – yes you, Siobhan J

Second Year: Now we were back and bigger than ever (although that may just have been me). We could now empathise with our predecessors (the ones older and more intimidating than us) and had gained some ‘street cred’ at this point. This was the Prefab…ulous year where we thought we were very cool and you would swear we’d never seen a window before J Winding up the blind, and the teachers was all part of the package J

Turd – Third Year: Wahey, something to study for J Ah the big JC, oh what fun! I think the best part about this was the Business class and I’m sure even the Home Ec. nerds were pretty jealous. Because we were, in fact, pounced on like a Tigaaaaar – the Celtic Tigaaaar that is. We got a ‘bit giddy’, and our motto became ‘We can, and we will’ – like Bertie Ahern, but without all the money and corruption, and with slightly more hair. Forget about the Junior Cert, our main priority was ‘OMG, like, why didn’t you, like, give me Luv on Bebo last night?’ But surely real love was more than just a virtual miniature pink heart? Yeah – no, we really experienced tough Luv, sitting alone in the corner and waiting for History class and the prospect of Mr.Quinn in a nice jacket J

TY: a very productive year altogether J We were forced to interact with one another as the teachers decided to live life on the edge and mix the As and the Bs, for the craic like. Delphi became the ultimate bonding experience on a restricted budget. Yes – this was the black cloud of the Recession that came to rain on our idyllic, lazy, laid-back and lovin’ it parade. The custom of eavesdropping on all of our greatest scandals (yes teachers, WE SAW YOU UNDER THE DOOR LIKE!) journeyed with us to Paris, where WaterWater dominated our list of French Cuisine to try J Buddies (friends, finally – and not just the ones off the telly), Surfing (trying desperately not to drown), Cheerios Day (any excuse to eat), SpeedDating (or no dating) – and everything else was just super.  Labelled ‘an insult to twelve year olds’, I think, looking back on it, we were the cooliest twelve year olds Man has ever seen J

Fifth Year:  The Vegetable year. OMG, a bad one J No, surely after doing next to nothing for a whole year, we would be totes prepared for hard work. Oh teachers, you do amuse us with your fantastical ideas J we had some great additions to the year, or so we convinced ourselves after about a week of being intimidating. And we’ve never looked back. We logged onto Facebook and never logged off. This was the year we became friends with the teachers, and laughed sincerely and indiscreetly at the silly things they did or said, and made pure eejits out of ourselves in Godspell and in real life – all acting, sure. Apart from French – this, we learned in the not too distant future, was not entirely amusing. We took it easy… leek J We made a great friend of Hamlet and of College open days – any excuse to go on a bus really. You don’t get to see very many people in Moughna  J

Sixth year: The year we wish we had done stuff last year. The year where everything is ‘the last…’ The year, like Take That, we will never forget where we came from. The year of Tea Days (nom nom nom), an unhealthy and unClaireable obsession with Bears, and Maidhc Dainin O Se – you know, Daithi’s Dad J the year of deadlines that actually mean deadlines, that orals need a little more than ‘ eh ah .. YES, Ciunas Bothar Cailin Bainne’, and ‘Je m’APPLE‘ – yes , like the fruit. The year we became Michelangelos and Leonardo da Vincis in the Courthouse Gallery.  The year we are the most powerful people in the school – too school for cool, in the words of Pink (yeah, because that makes sense). We defy sense J We stand tall and threatening in the Leaving Cert shop queue when we bother to roll down from our rooms. We make our dramatic entrances and swift exits out the Leaving Cert door. We ARE the Assembly. We drink coffee with a purpose, a Freddo and a Caramel Cup. We dread the thoughts of this Leaving Cert thing, but we forget sometimes because we do be having ‘de craic’ long time. This is it. This is THE YEAR J. This is my Leaving Cert class of 2011, of which I am so proud and to who I am ever so grateful for all these amazing times. If Carlsberg did friends… they’d probably be the best in the world and we’d all be pure trolleyed J

So that is it. And that is the end of that chapter. Amid all the tears and tantrums – mainly from the teachers and as a result of several minor disputes with Miss. Ahern, I look back on these days with a tear in my eye and joy in my heart. This is the kind of ’zuh stuff’ you all will experience throughout your lives in Scoil Mhuire – give or take a few private jokes and modernisation here and there J this is the stuff that cannot be learned off from a revision book or copied and pasted from the internet – I’ve tried. But one thing is for certain – School Days can and will be the best days of your lives. Don’t worry, be happy. TAKE IT EASY, but not too easy, mind J

P.S. A special thanks to Miss. Cullen for being the best paparazzo in the world. Without her, you would not be privileged enough to grasp my relevant, important insights into stuff. Yeah, basically, you know who to blame. She’s cool J If you think you’re editing this out Miss., I will not be a happy Bear. And you do not want that on your conscience – you have read Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Aut wier la sein , vichel de teffel al bitte,

Lots of Bearhugs, forever and always,

x x x x x x x

Katie J

Deirdre Egan (2009/2010)

Welcome Message

September 2009 – another beginning, another year! Already Scoil Mhuire is buzzing with activity, between football matches and the school musical finding its voice and plenty of hard work in all areas of the curriculum-the school is so full of enthusiasm and excitement it’s contagious!….I’d like to begin the year by extending a huge warm welcome to everybody who is part of the Scoil Mhuire team, both old and new – I really hope that this year will be filled with happiness, fun and success for all of you. I would also like to remember those who have moved on from Scoil Mhuire this year, especially the Leaving cert class of 09 – enjoy the big bright future ahead of you guys, and we miss ye!
Like a seed sown in first year each of us soaks up so much during our time in the school – and as we grow in knowledge, understanding,love and friendship – we eventually blossom like beautiful flowers. This year I hope that we will all help each other to blossom, by taking time to listen, to learn from each other, to support each other, to pick each other up when things go wrong. As Albert Camus once said ‘Don’t walk in front of me – I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me – I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.’ Lets do just that, walk beside each other as true friends!
Before I go I would like to extend a very special welcome to all those who visit our school website. This website provides so much information about school life, both for those in the school and those who want to find out more about the school, and for that I would like to say a huge thank you to Ms Cullen (the face behind all the links and tabs and technology)! Also good luck to her newly appointed team of journalists – we won’t miss any of the action with this new venture!!
Finally, here’s something to think about as we begin this new year together…

‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’

And remember……….HAPPY DAYS…….always!!
All the best…….Deirdre x

Farewell Message

Wow cannot believe another year in Scoil Mhuire is over!!! The time hasjust zoomed past since September…guess that’s what being busy does to you! What a fantastic year we’ve had, our school awards at end of term were a real reminder of all the amazing achievements over the past months, academically, in sport and in all areas of school life. I just want to take this oppurtunity to say thank you so so much to everyone who made this year so full, fun and beautiful. Being HG 2009-2010 has been a real honour and believe me I have cried many tears saying goodbye. There is something about Scoil Mhuire that makes it like home away from home, a second family there to help us through every day. Well done to everyone who makes this reality, your little gestures, a smile, a hug, a kind word…..it all adds up! Best wishes to all those who have left Scoil Mhuire this year, enjoy the future that’s yet to be explored. To all those who are returning in September…do so with a smile…looking back from this end it really is a time full of HAPPY DAYS 🙂
Enjoy this website…whether you’re discovering our school for the first time or taking a trip down memory lane…its got a little bit of the lots of things we’re about!!
Happy ‘summer’ days……Love Dee x

Maura Garrahy (2008/2009)

Welcome Message

Hi Everyone!

I would like to welcome you all to Scoil Mhuire’s school website; I hope you like it! Having attended this school for the past five years it is with great honour and joy that I welcome you to this excellent school initiative into cyberspace.

Scoil Mhurie Ennistymon is a school that prides itself on the ability of each student. It is a school that uses its students talents to benefit others, pushes us to reach our own potential, encourages all students to strive to the best individuals they can be and at all times maintain a school community. We are an all girls school with approximately 300 students and an excellent staff that are there for us 24/7!

As I enter my 6th year at Scoil Mhuire I can truly say that I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy school life. We have a very close-knit school community and are almost like one big happy family!

So as we embark on this new academic year I would like to wish all students the very best. I hope all exam students remain content and focused throughout the school year. I welcome first year students to our school and hope you are all finding the transition from primary to secondary enjoyable and stress free! I also encourage all students to “shine like stars” and continue to be a beacon of light for all to see, lighting up the darkness, lighting the way forward for others by our words and actions, calling to become the light of Christ shining in the world pointing towards God.

Finally I would like to share with you all an important question that Pope Benedict put forward to all the youth that attended World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney (myself included). Don’t think about it lightly:

“Dear young people,

Let me now ask you a question. What will you leave to the next generation? Are you building your lives on firm foundations, building something that will endure? Are you living your lives in a way that opens up space for the Spirit in the midst of a world that wants to forget God, or even rejects him in the name of falsely-conceived freedom? How are you using the gifts you have been given, the “power” which the Holy Spirit is even now prepared to release within you? What legacy will you leave to young people yet to come? What difference will you make? ”

Happy browsing!

Maura Garrihy

Head Girl 2008 – 2009

Farewell Message from Maura Garrahy

Hi everyone!

It’s so hard to believe that this school year has come to an end, it’s even harder to believe that the last six years in Scoil Mhuire are over for me. What an amazing journey it has been.

This year was no exception as the school was a buzzing environment of academic and extra curricular and the wonderful, bright community that is Scoil Mhuire shone through. Well done to all of us for surviving!

Scoil Mhuire is a school that I feel is truly blessed with an abundance of talent and there is no doubt in my mind that each and evert one of its’ students have really excelled this year.

It has been such a priviledge to be Head Girl for this school and this school community has taught me so much. It is with great sadness that I write this message to you all as it confirms the sad reality that it is time for the Leaving Cert students to bad farewell to this chapter in our lives. Thank you to all the teachers, staff of Scoil Mhuire and the students for making the past year to memorable. I wish all the Examination years success in their following exams and wish all Leaving Cert studetns continued blessing for the future. And in the words of Timothy (4;12) always remember:

“Let no one disregard you because you are young, but be an example to all the believeers in the way you speak and behave; in your love and in your faith”

Happy Summer everyone!

God Bless you all,