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World Wise Global Schools is a National Programme for development education at post-primary level, set out by the Irish Aid programme. Development Education provides a powerful vehicle through which our students can better understand the world we live in, and take action to change it as informed global citizens.

This is the first year that Scoil Mhuire have signed up to the ‘World Wide Global Schools’ initiative and we are currently on our way to successfully achieving the ‘Citizen Passport’.

This involves making progress in the following areas with development education: 1. Curricular
2.Extra Curricular
3.Teacher Capacity
4. Student Capacity
5. School Leadership
6. Policy & Ethos
7. Respectful Relationships.

As part of our strive for our Citizen Passport, Transition Year A class have been working hard on the Global Goals. They have formed their Global Goals team at the beginning of the year and are raising awareness and educating their fellow students throughout our school community. The Global Goals have been signed by 193 governments worldwide and work to eradicate the 17 prioritised goals by 2030.

On Friday 5th February 2016, the Global Goals team delivered a one hour presentation to all 1st, 2nd and transition year students. The presentation involved discussing the global problems that our world faces today. It also involved examining each of the 17 Global Goals and discussing what the Irish people and Government can do to act on each Global Goal. All suggestions and discussions were recorded and displayed in our school to highlight the many things we want to fix in our world and ways in which we can do so. Info cards were distributed to all students to take home. Scoil Mhuire was decorated from head to toe in the Global Goals!

Well done to the Global Goals team and well done to all students who attended the presentations and actively engaged in the discussions that took place!

The Global Goals team will deliver their Young Social Innovators (YSI) Speakout on March 3rd at the Lime Hill Theatre to spread more awareness on the Global Goals to schools from all over Munster. We wish them well!

More photos here.

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