2nd Year Basketball Training

Second Year Basketball Training will be on Wednesdays at lunch-time (1.20 – 1.45), weather permitting! This training is to prepare players for the Sr. Jo Griffin Cup Blitz which takes place on Wednesday 2nd December.
Only players who attend the training will be allowed travel to the Blitz.

The Sr. Jo Griffin Memorial Cup was presented by her family to Kilrush Secondary School in 2001. It was presented to the school to honour Sr. Jo’s interest and commitment to Sport especially Basketball. The family suggested that the Cup would be used annually for a Second year girls Basketball Blitz. Sister Jo started Basketball in the Boarding School in Kilrush in the 70’s. When the boarding school closed it went from strength to strength in the new school. Sr. Jo enjoyed sport of all kinds. She had an illness for over thirty years but she kept going energetically despite it all. She died in 2000 (R.I.P.) and was very much missed and loved by all.

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