Important GAISCE information for TYs!! Please read.

Ms. Hooban has received the participant consent forms from the majority of you – thank you. Those of you who have not handed it in you need to do it asap.

Also if you have not received a ​record card
from ​Ms. Hooban
yet​, ​
then ​you need to ​
ask​ her​
for one.​ Y
ou ​need
it for recording the hours​ ​
-​ ​
otherwise you cannot receive the award at the end of the year.

Please keep in mind that you need 13 weeks for 2 areas and 26 weeks in the 3rd area​, ​
so get going​!! Y
ou should be working on these as the weeks are going by in T​Y​
. ​Ms. Hooban
will meet with all TY’s in the last week of December to ​review all record cards and she
will be expecting progress on them!

If you need to ​change
any of the activities​,​
tell​ Ms. Hooban
​and she can
do this for you online. To view the activities you have registered go to​ ​ and log in-then your account will come up.

Remember Gaisce is an important award and cannot to achieved without commitment EACH WEEK…so get going and GOOD LUCK!

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